Tabasco Tour with Steve and Chloé

The Tabasco Chocolate Tour is to an area with centuries if not millenia of experience with cacao and chocolate. This is the area that Hernando Cortez traveled and fought through on his way to meet Montezuma in the early 1500′s.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION : Fee for the trip, excluding airfare+ transport from/to airport in Villahermosa and alcoholic beverages is $2,230  single occupancy, $4,377 double occupancy ( 6 full days of activities, 7 nights).   The tour will run with five participants, but can have up to ten.  A nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 ($2000 double occupancy) is due with sign-up.  Once 5 have signed up, we will confirm the tour and the balance of $1230  will be due.
  If you have any additional question or want to sign-up, you may call me (Steve DeVries) at 970.215.4848 or e-mail us at steve@devrieschocolate or Chloé Doutre-Roussel at

Tour Schedule

12 JUNE Wednesday 
Arrive in Villahermosa (VSA) by international flight.  Take taxi to the hotel and check-in for the night.

13 JUNE Thursday
  8am trip to Comalcalco to visit Finca Cacep and its factory and explore the Mayan traditions of cacao fermentation and drying facility built for cooperative. Further on during the day stop to Hacienda La Joya and discover the cacao criollo. Remain in Comalcalco for the night.


14 JUNE Friday 
 Visit of Comalcalco’s market – Then  visit to the Museo Wolter. Tour of Finca Cholula, including their artisanal chocolate production, their small chocolate factory machinery production and surrounding cacao plantation.  Tour the Zona Arqueologica nearby. The only Maya site with the pyramids built of fired brick, not quarried stone.  Return to Comalcalco for the night.



15 JUNE  Saturday
 Tour of factory for Chocolate Brondo in Paraiso. Watch process from Roasting to Conching.  Visit also Chocolate Brondo and Finca and have lunch there.  Return to Comalcalco for the night.


16  JUNE Sunday Early start to Palenque, a huge and amazing Maya site. Google “Palenque, Chiapas, Maya” for more info and photos
. Five or six hours at Palenque and its museum. Travel to Pichucalco and remain there for the night.

17 JUNE Monday
 Stay in Pichucalco and tour the haciendas and fermentary of the Jimenez family. Drive to Villahermosa- Night in Villahermosa.

18 JUNE Tuesday Tour of cacao drink factory and large chocolate factory. Tour Las Ventas, an outdoor park, zoo and museum of Olmec and Maya cultures.

19 JUNE Wednesday Flights home.


Steve DeVries & Chloé Doutre-Roussel

DeVries Chocolate 970.215.4848

Chloé Doutre-Roussel